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What is Seemetrix?
Seemetrix is an anonymous audience analytics solution consisting of client applications and a web dashboard.

Client application, running on the device (not cloud) determines and tracks every person in front of the device estimating their:

  • gender
  • age group (child (0-15), young (16-35), adult (36-55), senior (56 - older)
  • emotions (happy, surprise, neutral, angry)
  • dwell time.

Seemetrix does not have a feature to recognize faces - it is a completely anonymous solution!

Collected data is then sent to the web dashboard for analysis.

Web dashboard allows to monitor and control devices (cameras) running Seemetrix application and view the following information:

  • OTS and Watchers for each device (camera)
  • attention and dwell times, broken down by demographics
  • audience over time
  • other metrics.

Please find more information here https://my.seemetrix.net/docs/New_analytics.html
Can Seemetrix be integrated with CMS?
Seemetrix already has a native integration with TargetR.

Seemetrix can be integrated with any other CMS or your own dashboard via REST API, local HTTP, or broadcast.

This gives CMS the ability to collect information about the audience while specific ad is playing. Also, it can be used to show targeted ads for the specific audience groups.

Please find here more information - https://my.seemetrix.net/docs/Integration.html
Can Seemetrix show targeted ads?
To show targeted ads, Seemetix should be integrated with CMS.
What cameras does Seemetrix support?
Seemetrix supports webcams and IP cameras with RTSP protocol. Please find more details in Seemetrix documentation here https://my.seemetrix.net/docs/Recommended_devices.html
What operating systems does Seemetrix support?
Seemetrix support for:

  • Android 4.0 or higher
  • Linux Ubuntu 14.4 (LTS), 16.4 (LTS), 18.4 (LTS)
  • Windows 7 or higher
What are the minimal system requirements?
  • Android (4.0 or higher)/Windows (7 or higher)/ Ubuntu 14.04 LTS;
  • CPU: qualcore A9 / dualcore A15;
  • RAM: 1 GB.

What is the price for Seemetrix?
For pricing details please refer to the "Pricing" section of the website.