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Seemetrix - Automated Audience Measurement

Seemetrix is a web-based analytics service that provides digital signage content distributors and retailers with insight into advertising consumption and consumer behavior. By collecting anonymous audience data (gender, age group, attention time and emotions) from digital signage, advertising effectiveness can be easily analyzed using descriptive diagrams and graphs from the statistics dashboard in your personal account.

Audience analytics for digital signage

Increase the efficiency of advertising on any DS screen by collecting key information about viewers: number of viewers, their gender, age group and emotions, attention time. Make each ad personal by showing targeted commercials. Check the statistics online anytime and anywhere you need it.


Know how many people view the ad


Know their gender, age group and emotions


Show targeted ads in real time


Analyze statistics in real time

Audience analytics for retail

Organize your store in the most effective way. Spot the busiest areas, analyze foot traffic and customer demographics throughout the day, find out customers’ preferred routes and products and use this knowledge to grow your business.


Measure foot traffic and know customer age, gender and emotions


Optimize product merchandising by analyzing customer behavior


Target product advertising


Measure interest in specific products

how seemetrix works


The Seemetrix app can be installed at the necessary Android/Linux/Windows DS screen or media player with connected HD web cam (or you can use built in camera).


In less than a second Seemetrix proprietary software determines and tracks every person looking at the screen estimating their age, gender, emotions and viewing time with complete respect for individual privacy.


The collected data is then sent to the server in real time. Statistics are available online 24/7.

seemetrix features

  • Real time trigger capability (requires CMS integration)
  • Complete respect for individual privacy
    100% anonymous collected data
  • Supports standard webcam
  • Versions for Android, Linux, Windows
  • Cloud service
  • Effortless integration


We provide API for white label integartion for digital signage content distributors. Our solution is integrated effortlessly allowing your customers to optimise marketing spendings and measure return on investment by understanding their audience. We provide free technical support while integration.
Interested in integrating with Seemetrix?

icon_emailEmail us: info@seemetrix.net