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Case Studies

Qatar Public Relations

Improving the Kiosk Experience with Face Analytics

About Qatar Public Relations (QPR)

QPR specialises in Information Technology solutions and Digital Marketing and has an exclusive ten-year partnership with the Government of Qatar to deploy a network of self-service kiosks incorporating high-definition digital displays.

Website: www.qpr.qa


The kiosk digital displays are utilised for both Government awareness and promotional campaigns as well as commercial advertising. In an evolving market where traditional print and broadcasting media are competing for advertising revenue with new digital channels, it is imperative that QPR is able to differentiate itself and provide a unique and value-adding product.


By adopting the Seemetrix solution on its kiosk network QPR is able to support its clients in maximising the return on their advertising investment. The kiosk built-in cameras provide customer audience statistics to our clients with information to analyse the attractiveness and effectiveness of their promotions and advertising. Demographic data such as gender and age, and mood indicators allows client campaigns to be refined and refocussed in close to real-time. The design of the solution which ensures audience anonymity is also an essential feature within a culture where privacy is paramount.

The Seemetrix solution is now installed by default on all kiosks deployed by QPR. The design of the solution means that there is no impact on the kiosk performance and audience data integrity is ensured even if a kiosk goes offline. The resulting resilience has been essential in ensuring that client audience data is not lost and can be guaranteed.


The Seemetrix solution has assisted QPR in differentiating its digital delivery services within an extremely competitive market. Our client’s promotional campaigns are now displayed in the largest local supermarket chains, high end and community shopping malls, service stations, five-star hotels, and Government offices.

Seemetrix has provided QPR’s clients with clear visibility of the appeal of their promotional campaigns and transparency of the effectiveness of their marketing spend. Clients can now tailor and customise media displayed on kiosks to better match the demographic of the audience. As a result, QPR has increased its advertiser retention rate and attracted new clients.
By using the Seemetrix solution our client’s promotions can be monitored and updated in close to real-time to ensure that their return on investment is maximised. This capability provides QPR with a powerful unique selling proposition when attracting new clients and retaining our existing customer base. The response from our advertisers has been overwhelmingly positive.
Paul Morgan
PMO & Governance Director, Qatar Public Relations (QPR)